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These terms and conditions and the website have been translated from the Czech language, however the Czech version is the original and legally binding version. All other language versions are translations for informational purposes only. If there is a conflict between the original Czech terms and conditions and any other translation, the original Czech version of the terms and conditions shall prevail.

General conditions of participation at the Roof-Solar-Craft Fair

I. General information

  1. The organizer: Střechy Praha s.r.o., Durychova 101/66, 142 00 Praha 4 – Lhotka, ID No.: 26447126, VAT No.: CZ26447126, Municipal Court in Prague, OR Section C, Insert 82829.
  2. The exhibitors: legal or natural persons whose participation in the fair is confirmed by the organiser.
  3. The opening of the fair is the first day of the fair date indicated on the application form. The date of the fair as stated on the application form is the time when the fair is open to the public.
  4. The venue of the fair is indicated on the application form.

II. Application for the fair and allocation of space

  1. You can only apply for the fair by sending a completed “Binding Application for Participation” to the address of the organiser, by signing which the customer (hereinafter also referred to as the exhibitor) accepts these “General Conditions of Participation” and the conditions set out in the other accompanying materials, which are an integral part of the application form. The application is binding on the exhibitor even if the organiser cannot meet all the exhibitor’s requirements (size, location, type of space, etc.).
  2. The organiser reserves the right to accept or reject the application.
  3. Upon receipt of a binding application, the organiser will send the exhibitor a written confirmation of acceptance and a deposit slip electronically. This establishes a contractual relationship between the organiser and the exhibitor.
  4. After final processing of the applications and payment of the advance invoice, the exhibitor will be allocated an exhibition space.

III. Registration fee and rent

  1. The registration fee and basic rental price includes:
    (a) rent for the area during the assembly, during the fair and dismantling; promotion of the fair; basic lighting; heating; fire protection; toilets, cleaning in the fair area outside the stands; assistance of professional staff and technical assistance,
    b) inclusion in the fair’s orientation system
    c) one exhibitor’s pass per 5 m2 of ordered space up to 30 m2 and one pass for every additional 10 m2 of space, 6 assembly passes, 15 honorary tickets.
  2. The amount of the rental fee is calculated according to the price of the area per 1 m2 of the final area, i.e. the area indicated in the application form, if the area has changed, the new area. Each m2 counted as a whole.
  3. The basic rental price and registration fee does not include: the perimeter walls of the stand or its equipment, nor the walls of neighbouring stands.
  4. For each additional company that the exhibitor will present in its stand (by presenting exhibits, panel, company logo, company name, brochures, video projection, etc.), the exhibitor is obliged to pay the co-exhibitor registration fee. A company duly registered in this way will be fully listed as an exhibitor in the trade fair catalogue. In case of violation of this principle, the exhibitor will be obliged to pay the co-exhibitor’s registration fee in double amount during the fair.
  5. The exhibitor is not entitled to sublet the leased space to a third party.

IV. Payment terms

  1. All prices are exclusive of VAT.
  2. Upon receipt of a duly completed application form, the organiser will send the exhibitor an advance invoice in the amount of 50% of the price of the ordered space and 100% of the registration fee incl. A second advance invoice will be sent within 30 days before the opening of the trade fair (additional payment of the price for the rental of the area and for the services ordered, incl. VAT). After payment of all advance invoices within the due dates specified therein, the exhibitor is entitled to the implementation of the exhibition stand at the trade fair. In case of ordering additional services after this deadline, the organizer will issue another advance invoice to the exhibitor.
  3. If the exhibitor fails to pay all advance invoices in full by the due date, the organiser has the right to offer the confirmed exhibition space to another interested party without the original customer being able to claim any costs incurred from the organiser.
  4. The payment of the registration fee, the full amount for the rental of the exhibition space and the ordered services including VAT on the basis of the issued invoices are a condition for the handover of the exhibition space on the due date, whereby the failure to hand over the exhibition space does not affect the obligation to make payments according to the advance invoices. In the event that the first advance invoice is not paid on time and properly, the organizer is entitled to unilaterally change the location of the exhibitor’s exhibition area, which the organizer will notify the exhibitor immediately via the exhibitor’s email contact specified in the application form. This does not affect the agreed price.
  5. In the event that the exhibitor cancels its participation in the fair, this shall constitute a breach of contract on the part of the exhibitor, which shall not affect the obligation to make payments under the contract and these terms and conditions, and the exhibitor shall be obliged to:
    – in the event of cancellation of participation more than 60 days before the opening of the fair, pay to the organiser a pro rata part of the payments according to Article III of these conditions, in the amount corresponding to the entire registration fee + 50% of the rental price for the ordered exhibition space, and an amount representing other costs incurred by the organiser on the basis of the exhibitor’s request;
    – in the event of cancellation less than 60 days prior to the opening of the fair, to pay all payments according to Article III. of these conditions, in the amount corresponding to the full registration fee + 100% of the price of the rental fee for the exhibition space and the price of the services ordered, and the amount representing other costs incurred by the organiser at the request of the exhibitor.
    Cancellation of participation must be in writing and demonstrably delivered to the organiser.
    If the Exhibitor fails to attend the Fair without prior cancellation (fails to occupy the exhibition space), the Exhibitor shall be obliged to make all payments under this Agreement as if it had attended the Fair.
  6. In the period of 14 days prior to the opening of the fair it is possible to arrange the participation of the exhibitor, but the exhibitor is obliged to pay all payments according to these terms and conditions with a 20% surcharge.
  7. After the end of the fair or after cancellation of the exhibitor’s participation according to point 5 of this article, the exhibitor will be sent a final invoice with deduction of the paid deposits. The exhibitor undertakes to pay the organiser for all services provided or secured no later than the due date of the duly invoiced service. If the Exhibitor fails to pay the invoiced amount by the due date stated on the invoice, the Exhibitor will be charged a contractual penalty of 0.1% for each day of delay on the unpaid amount.

V. Security and Insurance

  1. Exhibitors are bound by the “General Conditions of Participation”, the instructions in the “Binding Application Form” and related materials, safety and fire regulations and the relevant legal standards applicable in the Czech Republic.
  2. The Organiser shall not be liable at the fair for loss or any damage to exhibits, stand equipment and facilities, goods, packaging, packaging material, items left at the stand, regardless of whether the above happened during assembly, dismantling or during the fair.
  3. The exhibitor arranges the insurance himself.

VI. Implementation of expositions and presentation of the exhibitor

  1. Stand construction is offered and implemented by the organiser. The exhibitor who does not take advantage of this offer and builds the stand himself or through his agency is obliged to submit a floor plan and a front view of the stand with the height landmarks marked and the location of the electricity and water supply for approval to the organiser in time and to notify the execution company.
  2. The exhibitor is responsible for the structural and technical design of the stand and is thus liable for any damage to property and health caused by improper stand design.
  3. If the exhibitor does not provide a stand or does not order its implementation from the organizer, he will only have an unlimited ordered exhibition area.
  4. The allocated area may not be enlarged or modified in any way, even in the case of protruding height landmarks (e.g. roof). The exhibitor may not make any interventions in the floor.
  5. The decorative height of the exhibition of 3 m may only be exceeded by agreement with the organiser.
  6. The architectural design and operation of the exhibition must not disturb or restrict the surrounding exhibitions. If the perimeter walls of the stand exceed 250 cm in height and are adjacent to the rear or side walls of surrounding stands, the areas above 250 cm in height must be finished in a smooth white surface so as not to aesthetically disturb neighbouring stands. The use of these raised areas for advertising purposes is not permitted. Graphic areas of the stand must not be closer than 2 m to the boundary of the adjacent stand (not applicable to collars around the perimeter of the stand where graphics face the aisles).
  7. The maximum height of exhibits for transport to the halls is 3 m. The floor of the halls is at a slope of 1/140. If the load exceeds 800 kg/m2, this fact must be discussed with the organiser.
  8. Electricity and water supply is ordered by the exhibitor exclusively from the organizer in due time.
  9. The exhibitor is obliged to hand over the completely empty and clean rented area in the condition in which he took it over, i.e. remove the floor coverings, remove the adhesive carpet tapes, return all movable items he rented from the organizer in undamaged condition by the end of the dismantling period. In the event of damage or soiling of the exhibition area or rented items, the exhibitor is obliged to pay for the damage in full.
  10. Exhibitors are obliged to observe the time of arrival and departure from the exhibition space. The organiser determines the start and end date of all activities related to the fair. If the deadlines are not met, the damage incurred shall be borne by the exhibitor.
    It is not permitted to remove exhibits, stands and their equipment before the time set for visitors has expired.
  11. In the event of failure to meet the deadline for clearing the exhibition space, a contractual penalty of 50 CZK/m2/hour of unreleased space will be charged. In the extreme case, the stand will be cleared by the organiser at the exhibitor’s expense. The exhibitor bears the risks associated with the evacuation.
  12. All productions causing excessive noise, dust, fumes, shocks, endangering the safety of visitors or other exhibitors or disturbing the trade fair operation shall be prohibited by the organiser and the contractual penalty of CZK 5,000 for each individual case shall be demanded.
  13. Any changes concerning the order of services requested by the exhibitor after the start date of the assembly will be handled only after the duly ordered works and services have been fulfilled with respect to other exhibitors. For additional orders, the organizer will charge a surcharge of 50% of the regular price.
  14. Upon agreement with the organizer, he may place his promotional materials in places designated by the organizer for a special fee.

VII. Technical services for stands

The organiser shall provide electricity, water and waste water supply, internet connection, cleaning and any other services to the stand in the indoor and outdoor area on the basis of the exhibitor’s order. Detailed information on technical services is provided in a separate document.

VIII. Technical, fire and safety regulations, temporary electrical installations

  1. The Exhibitor is obliged to comply with the safety, hygiene, fire protection, environmental and other generally binding legal regulations and internal standards in force at PVA Letňany and the principles of handling all technical equipment and combustibles during the assembly, throughout the fair and dismantling. Furthermore, he is obliged to comply with the relevant fire safety regulations applicable to the individual exhibition spaces and the instructions of the responsible fire assistance personnel and the organisers and is obliged to ensure compliance with them by all persons staying with his knowledge on the leased premises, including subcontractors. The exhibitor accepts all liability for personal injury and damage to property caused to himself and others by his employees and those of his subcontractors.
  2. The Exhibitor shall not store or use any flammable or radioactive substances, explosives, acids, poisons or other substances harmful to health in its exhibit or exhibition space.
  3. Smoking and handling of open flames are prohibited in all covered areas of the fairgrounds during the fair, during assembly and disassembly. Failure to comply with this prohibition shall be punishable by a contractual fine of CZK 5,000 payable immediately in cash.
  4. The exhibitor is responsible for the condition of the stand’s electrical installation (stand), including the condition of electrical appliances. Wiring work may only be carried out by a person with a valid authorisation for this activity.
  5. The exhibitor is obliged to use designated paths and roads for walking. The exhibitor is obliged to keep the escape routes, areas near electrical switchboards, water shut-offs, internal consumption points (hydrants) clear.
  6. Electrical appliances must be used properly in accordance with the instructions for use and for the purpose for which they were manufactured. The exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that all electrical equipment, except refrigerators and freezers, are disconnected from the mains when the exhibition stands are not in use (after the exhibitor has left the stand). No electrical appliance shall be left unattended.
  7. Storage of any material in the technical aisles (especially behind the back wall of the stand) is not permitted for fire, safety and operational reasons. The storage of packaging, including its removal and return to the stand, can be ordered from a contracted forwarding company.
  8. It is forbidden to dispose of building materials used in the construction of the stand in containers (except for small waste).
  9. It is forbidden to pour paint residues and other toxic substances down drains and sinks. The exhibitor is obliged to remove and dispose of such substances.

IX. Technical and operating conditions

  1. Except for handling trolleys, all transport mechanisms and cars are prohibited from entering the indoor exhibition area. In the event of damage to the floor of the hall, the exhibitor is obliged to pay for the damage in full. When demonstrating motor vehicles, the exhibitor is only allowed to keep in the vehicle’s tank as much fuel as is necessary to leave the exhibition area. The vehicle battery must be disconnected in the exhibition area
  2. Exhibits to be shown in operation may only be operated by persons authorised to do so. Exhibits to be displayed must be secured by the exhibitor to prevent arbitrary handling by unauthorized persons.
  3. It is forbidden to hang any banners on the structure of the halls except in cases discussed with the organizer for a fee.
  4. Cutting and grinding of construction elements that cause excessive pollution and dust is prohibited in the indoor exhibition halls during assembly.
  5. No part of the stand may touch the structure, walls or roof of the hall. The highest point of the stand must be at least 70 cm from the roof of the hall.
  6. For the installation of carpets in the exhibition halls, the following procedure must be followed: first stick masking – paper tape on the concrete floor and then any double-sided carpet tape. The masking tape can be purchased on site.

X. Final provisions

  1. Unless otherwise stated, the organiser is entitled to exclude the exhibitor from participation in the fair in the event of a breach of any provision in these “General Conditions of Participation”. In this case, the exhibitor shall not be entitled to any compensation for damages or to the refund of invoices paid and shall be obliged to make all payments under the contract and these terms and conditions as if its participation had been duly carried out.
  2. The place of performance of the mutual obligations of the exhibitor and the organiser shall be the venue of the fair.
  3. The Privacy Policy is published at
  4. The exhibitor grants consent to the processing, storage and publication of photographic and video documentation taken at the fair and related events.
  5. All complaints and claims by the exhibitor against the organiser during the assembly, dismantling and the entire fair must be submitted in writing to the organiser’s authorised representative by the end of the last day of the fair at the latest, otherwise his/her right is extinguished
  6. All changes and additions to the contractual relationship given by these terms and conditions of participation may only be made in writing.
  7. If the organiser, due to circumstances beyond its control (vis maior), is unable to open the fair on the date specified on the application form or is unable to arrange the fair at the venue specified on the application form, it shall immediately inform the exhibitor thereof. The exhibitor is not entitled to compensation for damages. The organiser is entitled to retain a reasonable portion of the payments made by the exhibitor in the meantime and is entitled to reimbursement of the actual costs incurred against the exhibitor. A change of venue or time shall not affect the exhibitor’s obligation to fulfil the obligations arising from the contract and the exhibitor shall not be entitled to cancel its participation for this reason.
  8. Force majeure (vis maior) or impossibility of performance is in particular: natural calamity, unsuitable and unfavourable weather, war, civil disturbances, prohibitions according to legal regulations, fires, strikes, outbreaks of epidemics or pandemics, or limitations of operations due to regulations of public institutions, quarantine of employees, limitations of energy supply, etc.). The Organiser shall immediately notify the Client of this fact, specifying the nature of the obstacle that prevents or will prevent it from fulfilling its obligations, the expected duration of the obstacle and its consequences, and shall take all available measures to mitigate the consequences of the non-fulfilment of the contractual obligations, unless it proceeds to withdraw from the contract for this reason. Upon withdrawal from the contract, the Exhibitor shall be obliged to pay a pro rata portion of the price for the services already rendered and to reimburse the Organiser for other reasonable costs demonstrably incurred by the Organiser in connection with this contract.
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