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The most important trade fair in the industry

The Roof-Solar-Craft Fair is one of the most important and largest trade fairs in the industry in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, which in itself provides an extraordinary opportunity to present its products and technologies to a wide range of experts and potential customers.

The long-term regular participation of major manufacturers and suppliers, both domestic and foreign, creates a strong network of business relationships at the fair and enables cooperation with new partners and customers. High attendance from both the professional and general public ensures that your products and innovations are seen by the right audience interested in your services and solutions.

The main sectors of the fair, including roofing, energy saving and crafts, create synergies between the different sectors, allowing you to present your products in multiple contexts and find new opportunities for cooperation.

At the fair, you will have the unique opportunity to present your product innovations and technologies at one time and in one place, saving you time and costs associated with other events. You will also get valuable feedback from visitors on the products and services you offer, allowing you to better adapt to market and customer needs.

Exhibiting at this trade fair also provides a great opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing customers and establish new contacts with industry professionals. With many experts in one place, you can collaborate, share knowledge and experience and strengthen your market position.

A broad portfolio of services for exhibitors will make it easier for you to prepare for the fair and provide support throughout the fair, from logistics services, technical support to marketing services. We will make sure that you can take full advantage of the potential of this event and make it as successful as possible.

Participation in Roofing-Solar-Craft can be a key step towards developing your business, gaining new customers, strengthening your market position and establishing cooperation with professionals from all over the industry.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity and join the elite of the roofing industry at this prestigious trade fair!.

Why exhibit at Roofs-Solar-Craft

The main reasons to exhibit

  • the most important and largest trade fair in the roofing industry in the Czech Republic and Central Europe
  • regular participation of major domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers
  • long-term high attendance of the professional and general public
  • complementary fields (Roofs-Solar-Craft-Wood and Tools Festival)
  • ideal opportunity to present product innovations and technologies in one place and at one time
  • increased brand visibility, opportunity to attract potential customers
  • increased brand visibility, opportunity to attract potential customers
  • the opportunity to network with professionals in the field
  • getting feedback on the products and services offered
  • wide portfolio of services for exhibitors
  • rich accompanying programme with the participation of leading specialists and renowned experts
  • free advice centres with independent experts
  • the prestigious “Zlata taska” competition for the best exhibits of the fair and other competitions for exhibitors
  • competitions for valuable prizes for trade fair visitors
  • a targeted media campaign
  • modern exhibition halls in PVA EXPO PRAGUE
  • exhibition area close to public transport, 3000 parking spaces at the exhibition halls

Main topics of the fair

  • pitched roofs
  • flat roofs and terraces
  • green roofs and facades
  • rainwater retention
  • insulation
  • windows and skylights
  • wood
  • tools and technology
  • Crafts
  • digitization
  • Photovoltaics
  • Energy storage
  • heat pumps
  • The biomass
  • electromobility
Application for exhibitors Non-binding request for participation
1000×210 Témata veletrhu 2025

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