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1. Pitched roofs

2. Flat roofs

3. Green roofs

4. Walkable roofs – terraces, balconies, loggias

5. Thermal insulation

6. Roofing accessories

7. Roof drainage

8. Supporting roof structures

9. Fasteners and connecting elements

10. Roof windows and skylights

11. Products for built-in attics

12. Peripheral building shells

13. Construction chemistry

14. Chimneys and their accessories

15. Lightning conductors and grounding

16. Realization of roofs

17. Realization and reconstruction of buildings

18. Maintenance and cleaning of roofs and facades

19. Software

20. Institutions, services

21. Training and education

22. Not listed



S1. Alternative sources of energy

S1.1 Photovoltaics

S1.2 Solar thermal power

S1.3 Heat pumps

S1.4 Use of waste heat, recuperation

S1.5 Biomass

S1.6 Cogeneration

S1.7 Small hydropower plants

S1.8 Wind power plants

S1.9 Other alternative energy sources

S2. Accumulation of energy produced

S2.1 Electric accumulators

S2.2 Heat accumulators

S3. Energy saving

S3.1 Heat saving – low energy and passive houses

S3.2 Electricity saving

S3.3 Water saving

S3.4 Solar energy products

S3.5 Green transportation

S4. Financing, grants

S5. Consultancy, professional institutions, literature



R1. Tools, machinery and other equipment

R2. Work equipment of craftsmen

R3. Digitization

R4. Craftsmanship

R5. Institutions, services, education

R6. Traditions of craftsmen



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