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Main topics of the fair

Velký výběr střešních krytin na veletrhu Střechy-Solar-Řemeslo
The Roofs-Solar-Craft Fair focuses on the fields related to roofs, solar systems and other energy-saving technologies. Quality craftsmanship, top tools and technology for efficient work have a permanent place at the fair. Below is an overview of the main topics of the fair.

Roofing materials for pitched and flat roofs

Roofs, both pitched and flat, protect buildings from all environmental influences. In addition, they are also an important design element of buildings and structures that are constantly undergoing innovation. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the choice of roofing material and take into account the roof pitch, the weight of the roofing material, the climatic conditions, the aesthetic appearance and, last but not least, the price. The fair is an ideal opportunity for this decision, as it offers a wide range of different roofing materials in one place. Here you will find stacked clay and concrete tiles, natural and artificial slate, modern smooth and profiled metal roofing in imitation of classic tiles, fibre cement roofing, asphalt shingles and also waterproofing strips and foils for flat roofs.

Roof windows and skylights

Modern roofs over residential lofts cannot do without skylights and roof windows. They let daylight into attic interiors, creating a healthy indoor environment and contributing to the aesthetics and comfort of the space. These important elements of modern architecture, which are intrinsically linked to roofs, are presented at the fair in the latest designs, energy efficiency and with a wide range of accessories such as. blinds, shutters or automatic controls.

Green roofs and facades

Green roofs and facades are the answer to the growing demand for sustainability and eco-friendly solutions. They connect architecture and building structures with nature. The result is solutions that reduce heat loss in buildings, have a positive impact on the microclimate and generally contribute to environmental protection. The latest trends in this field are presented at the fair, both the technology itself and the individual materials, vegetation layers, drainage and additional components. The experts present will help with practical issues related to the design and construction of green roofs and subsequent maintenance. The fair also features biosolar roofs as the latest trend that combines a green roof with photovoltaics.

Rainwater retention

The vast expanses of roof space are ideal for retaining rainwater and thus responding to experts’ warnings that ongoing climate change will result in water scarcity. Therefore, rainwater retention is another theme of the fair, which is related to roofs as well as sustainability and ecology. All information on this issue, including the procedures for obtaining state support for the use of rainwater and wastewater, will be offered by experts at the advice centre. They will recall the advantages of buildings with green roofs, which significantly reduce water runoff to the sewer, or the obligations for new buildings in relation to storm water retention.

Thermal insulation and insulation systems

The roof must protect the building from cold and heat, which is done by thermal insulation and insulation systems. They are therefore an integral part of the trade fair, as key components for maintaining optimum temperature and overall comfort indoors. Equally important is their impact on reducing the energy consumption of buildings. The fair offers the opportunity to get acquainted in one place with the latest insulation materials for roofs and technologies for building insulation.

Wooden structures, terraces.

Wood is closely linked to roof construction, so it cannot be missing at the fair. In addition, wooden structures in general are becoming increasingly popular for their sustainability, aesthetics and speed of installation. At the fair you will find companies that understand wood and offer their know-how related to wooden buildings and wooden structures. There are also components for the construction of wooden terraces, pergolas and other wooden elements.

The skill of master woodworkers and the performance of specialised tools can be admired on the area dedicated to the Festival of Wood. Practical craft demonstrations and skills competitions take place here throughout the fair.

Tools, technology and digitalisation

The segment of the fair dedicated to tools and work equipment is not only for professionals who implement roofs. Here you will find a showcase of cutting-edge tools, machines and techniques to speed up and simplify all work. There is also digital technology, which makes all activities even more efficient and represents huge potential for the future. In the field of roofs, e.g. in the detection of leaks in flat roofs, in the targeting of roofs and objects using drones, continuing with digital processing of documentation of all stages, visualizations and ending with automatic data preparation for CNC production of entire wooden buildings. Cutting-edge digitized tools and instruments are presented at the fair alongside traditional crafts that are increasingly using them in practice.

Solar systems, photovoltaics, heat pumps and other energy saving solutions

The basic requirement of our time is sustainable living, which means using renewable resources efficiently and ensuring energy self-sufficiency. That is why solar systems, photovoltaics and heat pumps are key topics at the fair. In this way, we meet the needs not only of those who are deciding on the use of subsidies from the New Green Savings Programme, but also of all those who want to get acquainted with the offer. The fair offers the most up-to-date information on solar panels in one place, plus important instructions for installing them on roofs. Energy experts will provide practical advice on how to make the most efficient use of solar energy, both for households and businesses.

The theme of sustainable living is complemented by heat pumps. At the fair, the emphasis is mainly on professional information for better orientation in the offer. They are dedicated to different types of heat pumps, their advantages and correct use.


Roofs are closely related to mobility, as materials and workers need to be transported to the site somehow. The fair prefers ecological solutions and will therefore present various forms of electromobility and environmentally friendly transport, innovations in the field of hybrids and electric vehicles, including charging infrastructure.

Accompanying programme

The fair is not only a varied offer of products, but also a carrier of the latest information in the field of roofs and everything related to them. Therefore, the fair includes an extensive supporting programme consisting of conferences, seminars, discussion meetings with experts and practical craft demonstrations. Popular free advice centres for all areas of construction are also a source of information.

Attractive competitions with nice prizes are always prepared for visitors. There are also competitions for exhibitors, such as the Golden Roof Tile competition for the best exhibits or the competition Expo Design Award for the best exhibition stands.

In addition to the above-mentioned basic thematic areas of the fair, you will find many more, such as the presentation of the Guild of Plumbers, Roofers and Carpenters of the Czech Republic or the ČKAIT organisation, where they are ready to attend to you.

The Roofs-Solar-Craft Fair has been the centre of all roofing events for 25 years. It not only provides a place for joint presentation of all the latest news, but also creates a platform for meetings and exchange of experience. Both between end customers and companies and between professionals. Regularly at the beginning of the year, innovations and new directions for the season are presented here for the first time, relating to the construction and craft industries as well as the energy sector. Visit the Roof-Solar-Craft fair and take a step forward in line with modern trends and sustainable development.
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