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ČVUT in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering

The faculty educates professionals in the spirit of today’s needs, with a solid theoretical foundation that will enable them to be highly flexible in their professional lives. Prague’s construction sector offers great employment opportunities for students already during their studies. Companies such as Metrostav or Skanska have established a system of care for these students. The study thus acquires a new dimension. Students also have many opportunities to spend part of their studies abroad. They will improve their language skills and get to know a new environment.

The study programmes are accredited as engineering education. However, one of the programmes – Architecture and Civil Engineering – is accredited as architectural education and its graduates therefore receive the degree of Ing. arch. he Faculty continuously takes care of its development. New fields of study are emerging that allow students to tailor their studies to their intended careers. We believe that this will continue to make studying at the Faculty attractive for talented and high-quality students.

Research funding is now on a par with teaching funding. PhD students are an essential part of the research. The number of doctoral graduates has increased significantly in recent years. The CIDEAS research centre is working well. he guarantee of further dynamic growth and development of the faculty are new young associate professors and professors and increasing number of joint research projects with industry. In the form of complementary activities, the faculty helps industry and public administration to solve current problems.


ČVUT Faculty of Civil Engineering
ČVUT Faculty of Civil Engineering
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