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Craft Prague Trade Fair

The Craft Prague Trade Fair of trades, equipment and occupational safety for tradesmen has been held since 2013 concurrently with the Roofs Prague and Solar Prague trade fairs and has become the biggest Czech gathering for tradesmen. The Wood and Tools Festival has been a part of this trade fair since 2018.

PROFESSIONAL STRUCTURING of the Craft Prague Trade Fair

Tools– hand and electric tools – machines – connecting materials – manipulation and transport machinery – work equipment – clothing, footwear, accessories – safety equipment and protective equipment – software – trade guilds and associations – education, re-qualification, training – advisory services – professional literature – trade traditions – museums and historic collections.


The trade fair is regularly visited by the professional public, implementation companies, representatives of building companies, insulation workers, roofers, sheet metal workers, carpenters, painters and other craftsmen, owners of family homes and flats, operators of public buildings and the general public.