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Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians Active in Construction

At the fair, ČKAIT provides the services of the Building Consultancy Centre.

Information and expert advice is provided free of charge by independent experts.

The Chamber’s membership base today consists of more than 30,000 authorised engineers and technicians who have been granted authorisation on the basis of successful completion of the prescribed professional competence examination.

The professional and general public can obtain information and expert advice in all areas and contexts of construction:

  • construction legislation,
  • construction technology and construction implementation,
  • new building materials and products for construction,
  • operation and maintenance of roofs,
  • defects in buildings,
  • Building energy and energy performance reduction,
  • the quality of the indoor environment (mould, chemical pollution, allergens, choice of materials),
  • authorization in construction, authorized persons for design, execution and inspection of buildings
  • barrier-free design of buildings
  • restraint systems to prevent persons from falling when working at heights and above free depth

The Building Advisory Centre also includes:

  • presentation and sale of professional literature
  • presentation of information systems in construction
  • Internet connection and search for relevant information
  • consultation part

CONSTRUCTION ADVISORY CENTRE – answers to the most frequent questions

  • What must the work contract contain?
  • What do I need to discuss with the building authority before starting construction?
  • What simplifications does the amendment to the Building Act bring?How to permit a family house?
  • What is the procedure for altering a building before its completion?
  • Joint authorisation of a set of buildings
  • Do I have to approve the house?
  • Do I need a building permit or notification?
  • What offences can a builder commit?
  • What is the difference between construction, technical and author’s supervisor?
  • Do I need any supervision for the construction of a house?
  • Who will supervise the quality of work on site?
  • Who is authorised to carry out the construction
  • Who will prepare the project documentation?
  • Does the builder have any obligations in terms of health and safety at work on the construction site (on the roof)?
  • How to repair the roof?
  • Does a vapour barrier have to be part of the roof sheathing?
  • Roofing replacement in a conservation area?
  • Are the requirements for roofs and the products incorporated in them enshrined in legislation and standards?
  • What to remember when building a loft?
  • What is a thermal insulation system?
  • How to additionally insulate?
  • Is a near-zero energy house realistic?
  • What does a passive house mean?
  • How to proceed with the reconstruction of the house?
  • How to use non-traditional energy sources?
  • Who will draw up the energy performance certificate (label)?
  • What does the energy label (energy performance certificate) say?
  • The best way to heat a house?
  • What is recuperation?
  • How to prevent mould when insulating and replacing windows?
  • What is the effect of the orientation of the building to the cardinal points?
  • How to ventilate a room with a gas appliance?
  • What about rainwater?



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