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About Trade Fair

The company Střechy Praha s.r.o. is the organiser of the combination of 4 trade fairs: Roofs Prague, Solar Prague, Craft Prague and Purpo Prague which take place annually at PVA EXPO PRAHA Letňany.

The Roofs Prague Trade Fair was firstly organised in 1999 and it has been continuously improved and expanded since that time. At the trade fair visitors can see all products related to roofs including roofing, bearing structural systems, insulation, roof windows, roof accessories, gutter systems, loft conversions products, special tools and equipment, new technologies and also companies providing roofing, tinsmithing and carpentry. The Roofs Prague Trade Fair is also a place where many professionals, experts and architects meet. From its 6th year it has incorporated the specialized Solar Prague Trade Fair which provides products and information about different alternative sources. The main issue of interest is how to save energy costs.

The trade fair includes the "Wood and Tools Festival". We have a rich program for our visitors who enjoy work with wood: discussion forums, seminars, workshops, skill competitions, demonstrations of carpentry craft, history of crafts in museum expositions and more.


Date: 9.–11. 2. 2023

Location: PVA EXPO PRAHA LETŇANY (How to get there?)

You can look at photos from previous years HERE.

Opening hours for visitors:

Thursday   9. 2. 2023 10 am – 6 pm
Friday      10. 2. 2023  10 am – 6 pm
Saturday  11. 2. 2023  10 am – 5 pm


Full admission (adult): 150 CZK
Discounted admission (registration via Internet, retirees, students): 100 CZK
ZTP, PRESS (upon presentation of a valid card), children under 15: FREE
Group of pupils with adult escort (after submitting a list of pupils with a school stamp): FREE

Parking (personal vehicle): 200 CZK


Attributes of the Trade Fair

  • the biggest and unique event in the field of roofing in the Czech Republic and Central Europe
  • provides complex information about materials and services for roof construction and renovation
  • wide selection of roofing materials, construction systems, insulation, roof windows, accessories, gutter systems, products for attic conversions, facades, tools and machinery for trade, alternative sources, covered mainly by solar collectors
  • regular attendance of the most important producers and suppliers in the field of roofing
  • clear field specialization and the winter term always bring a high percentage of professional visitors
  • the combination of 6 trade fairs whose nomenclature compliments each other – Roofs Prague, Solar Prague, Craft Prague, Purpo Prague, For Pasiv and For Wood – is a matter of interest of both professional but also a large number of people from the general public
  • an ideal opportunity to get to know news and trends in the field for the upcoming building season all at one time and in one place
  • annual extensive accompanying programme carefully prepared for both the professional and general public with attendance of recognized professionals
  • consulting centres with independent specialists free of charge
  • prestige competitions for the exhibitors
  • competitions with valuable prizes for visitors
  • targeted promotion campaign